A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Not So Fast

The Washington Post editorial page this weekend lambasted the president for his dishonest rhetoric about health care.

Although he makes it seems as if his plan won't affect anybody except a few millionaires, The Post points out that, "Mr. Obama is right that sticking with the status quo is a bad alternative, but he isn't leveling about the consequences of change... You can't always get what you want — at least not if you want costs to be lower."

The Post also makes clear that sometimes health care cost rise for good reason: "The Congressional Budget Office estimates that new technology accounts for about half the increase in health care cost over the past several decades... This is, for the most part, a good thing... No one today would settle 1960s-style medicine."

Unfortunately, if the president gets his way we may be in for just that.

Peacock Diplomacy

In recent days, officials from North Korea have taken some personal swipes at her highness, Hillary Clinton. Sunday, the secretary of state had a chance to respond, and her appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" is the subject of Liberal Translation:


SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON: And I think they are very isolated. Now I saw that when I was at the ASEAN meeting, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. I was in the same room with a representative from North Korea.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: It's not the first time I shared a room with somebody I don't get along with.

CLINTON: Who launched a broadside attack on the United States blaming us for literally everything that has ever gone wrong in North Korea going back decades.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: The apology tour could soon be headed to Pyongyang.

CLINTON: I listened.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: The president and I enjoy listening to people trash the United States.

CLINTON: Everyone else just didn't even look at him. I was struck by the body language. They don't have any friends left.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Did you hear they said I look like a "schoolgirl"? How dare they!


Maybe President Obama will give barstool diplomacy a try with North Korea. I heard that Kim Jong-Il prefers light beer.

Obama vs. the Dow

There's some bad news for President Obama and some good news for Wall Street. First the bad news: A FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll shows President Obama's approval rating has dropped seven points in the last month.

But despite America's crisis in confidence with their president, there continues to be some good news on Wall Street with the Dow Jones Industrial Average now back over the 9,000 mark.

And take a look above when we put those lines on the same graph. You can see that as the president's job approval rating crumbles the Dow has been on the rise.

Is it just a coincidence? We'll let you be the judge.

New Low for Newsweek

Newsweek magazine has outdone itself this year in terms of predictions about the way the nation is heading.

Back in February, the magazine's editors announced that "we are all socialists now." In April, editor John Meacham pronounced "the decline and fall of Christian America."

You won't believe what the magazine of record is reporting this week: Good news, everybody, "the recession is over!"

I hope the editors over at Newsweek will let us know when they return from President Obama's fantasy land and rejoin all of us back here on Planet Earth.

What a Landmark

Guess what? Monday marks Bo Obama's first 100 days in office! The New York Times marked this momentous occasion by publishing an op-ed by the first dog.

In the paper, Bo says, "Historically, my breed is used to herd fish in shallows or carry message from ships to the nearby shore, and I have tried to show the American people that I will continue that tradition."

How fascinating. And they wonder why circulation is down.

Woof, woof.

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