Washington Operates Like a Driver Who Won't Ask for Directions

Take it from a guy who truly never asks for directions: You get lost that way -- really lost.

First, it's the obvious stuff you start missing, like that traffic loop that keeps looping round and round.
Suddenly the things you're passing start looking more and more familiar.

And that nagging setting sun you're driving into suddenly seems really weird, since you're supposed to be going east.

All the clues tell you you're lost, but you don't have time for stinkin' clues or a wife who suggests you don't have a clue.

Why admit she's right, when you can keep barreling in a direction that's clearly wrong?
Now I'm beginning to see how Washington operates -- pretty much like me behind the wheel: Without a clue and incapable of picking up on any clue.

So, at this hour, it's going full throttle on health care for all. Even as Rasmussen reports a record nearly six out of 10 Americans don't even want health care for all.

So Washington keeps spending, convinced that's what folks want; oblivious to yesterday's German election results, where it turns out that's not at all what folks want.

So Washington still hikes taxes and calls it a mandate dating 10 months back. Germany looks to cut taxes and can prove it's a mandate dating just hours back.

All these signs that are so obvious to anyone driving by; but not at all obvious to politicians here who'd prefer getting driven over.

Road warriors there; road kill here.

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