Taxes are the price you pay for living in a great country. Ken Langone gets that and this billionaire co-founder of Home Depot is happy with that.

Here's what Ken is not happy about: Congressmen getting ticked off if he dares question where his money is going. Because like any good businessman, Ken wants to make sure the money is going to the right places, helping the right people.

He fears it is not. And astutely, he points out Congress knows it is not.

And rather than addressing the concerns of rich guys who pay, some happily, Washington makes villains of rich guys who pay, all, we're told, selfishly.

Leaving aside the money rich guys like Ken give to charity, let's be charitable when we say Congress is just trying to build a more just government.

So Ken says, just prove it.

Prove you're helping make it a just government and helping just the folks who need it -- not your political pals who demand it.

Prove you're making us a nation of grateful taxpayers where the money's spent well -- not bitter taxpayers, where we know the money is not.

That's what Ken is saying. And that's why Ken keeps paying. Because he has faith eventually the government will live up to his high expectations and not to politicians' moral limitations. Because you don't have to be a rich guy to know what government guys are doing with your money.

You're their boss. We're all their boss. Treat us accordingly. Value what we give you. And what our money provides you.

Trust me, rich people who pay the overwhelming share of taxes in this country, aren't due a "thank you." But they certainly deserve better than a screw you. Because a Washington dismissive to the richest among us, is insulting all of us.

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