Here's the One Thing: Washington fundamentally doesn't understand how the real world works anymore.

I could go on blabbering about it or I could let my friend John Rich explain:

My daddy taught me in this country everyone's the same.
You work hard for your dollar and you never pass the blame,
When it don't go your way.
Now I see all these big shots whining on my evening news,
About how they're losing billions and it's up to me and you
To come running to the rescue.

Well, pardon me if I don't shed a tear.
They're selling make believe and we don't buy that here.

They're playing all these games in Washington: Spending money that they don't have, trashing the dollar and running up debts for our grandkids while telling you to cut back in your own home.

Or they're trying to inspire populist anger against executives from big companies, even though the government says those same companies are too big to fail and need bailouts.

Quite frankly, they're responsible for the mess.

Common sense tells us businessman and lawmakers aren't all bad; unfortunately, those voices are being drowned out, as are yours.

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Does it make you feel small and overwhelmed, because they don't play by the same rules that you do?

We're getting penalized for all the games they're playing above us. In other words, they're shutting us out instead of doing what most of us have been clamoring for: Shutting failing companies down, putting bad guys in jail and letting the people solve the problems.


Cause in the real world they're shuttin' Detroit down,
While the boss man takes his bonus pay and jets on out of town.
D.C.'s bailing out them bankers as the farmers auction ground.
Yeah while they're living up on Wall Street in that New York City town,
Here in the real world they're shuttin' Detroit down.
Here in the real world they're shuttin' Detroit down.

(Lyrics courtesy of John Rich)

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