Was Al Franken Behind McCain 'SNL' Skit?

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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: He's running for the U.S. Senate, but it appears that Al Franken, well, he hasn't given up his old job.

The former "Saturday Night Live" writer is being credited in part with masterminding this week's opening skit that parodies Senator John McCain.


BILL HADER, CAST MEMBER, "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": Barack Obama plays basketball. Charles Barkley plays basketball. Is Charles Barkley qualified to lead our economy? He gambled millions away in Las Vegas. Don't let Barack Obama gamble with our economy.


KRISTIN WIIG, CAST MEMBER, "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": Yes, the Senator does play basketball. Charles Barkley also plays. Charles Barkley lost money in Vegas.

HAMMOND: I can't argue fact. I'm John McCain. I approve this message.


HANNITY: Al Franken's campaign confirmed to the A.P. that he was the accidental inspiration for the skit, but they say that, well, he didn't help write it.

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Joining us now, former presidential candidate, FOX News contributor, Mike Huckabee.

Franken's in a heap of trouble. Didn't pay taxes in 17 states. He's on tape saying racist things. He's failed at everything else he's done in life. Could he possibly — could Norm Coleman's victory in Minnesota help John McCain there?

MIKE HUCKABEE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I think it will help him.

Two observations I have. First of all, "Saturday Night Live" does not need Al Franken. That's one of the most talented group of writers and performers that I've ever been around. And I was on the show in February. And they are an incredibly dedicated, hard-working group of people, and they just don't need Al Franken.


HANNITY: That's true.

HUCKABEE: I mean, they really don't.

But the second thing that I would observe is that Al Franken needs something to do, because he's not doing very well in his Senate race against Norm Coleman, who has opened the lead, clearly has the advantage. And I think maybe Al's wondering, "What am I going to do after this election when I lose? Maybe they'll hire me back at 'Saturday Night Live'."

HANNITY: Well, he's probably planning, because certainly Air America didn't want him. Nobody listened. I think Alan was the only one.

Now here's my next question for you. First of all, Joe Biden, this campaign ad that was run by the Obama campaign, where he — they talked about the fact that he didn't use a computer, and they had the disco ball — and by the way, Biden's been in the Senate longer that Senator McCain. But more importantly, he said it was terrible. He didn't know about it in advance. He was — you know, in an interview that he gave with CBS.

What do you think about that? He also said Hillary would be a better candidate. And give us your preview for the debates on Friday.

HUCKABEE: Well, there have been floods in the Midwest. Those aren't really floods; those are Obama's tears for having picked Joe Biden instead of picking Hillary.

Clearly, this has not really been a great boost to the ticket. A lot of people had warned that Joe Biden, who's a decent and honorable man, has a long history of saying some things that he has to go back and correct. And I think both of these statements, when he talked about Hillary would be a better candidate, some of the other things he said about Senator McCain. Then he has to go back and backtrack.

It's just not the kind of thing you want in the vice-presidential candidate. You want the person to help the ticket, not distract from the ticket, which is what Joe Biden has...

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Actually, he was just being gracious, I think, saying Hillary would have been a great choice.

In terms of Al Franken, I'm not — I've had my to-do's with Al Franken, but so what if he gave the idea for a skit to "Saturday Night Live"? And by the way, Lorne Michaels, the producer of that show, has given the maximum to the McCain campaign, $2,300. So you know, I'm sure that the perception is they're in the tank for Obama, but that's not really true.

HUCKABEE: No, it's not true. I think, first of all, John McCain has been on "Saturday Night Live" on several occasions.

COLMES: Singing.

HUCKABEE: One of the great things about John McCain is that he has a great way of making fun of himself. I think that's the best thing John McCain can do in a situation where people are poking some fun at him.

You know, he's been on Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" more than anybody else. More than anybody.

COLMES: Right. By the way...

HUCKABEE: And that's the way to handle this stuff, is to go right back at it, rather than get all upset and take umbrage that somebody's making fun of you. Put the joke back on them. And that's what McCain is doing...

COLMES: By the way, in terms of the computer ad, you don't really believe the Obama campaign meant to make fun of John McCain because of war injuries? I mean, that certainly was not the intent, and — and to accuse them of doing that is wrong.

HUCKABEE: I agree. They didn't intend to do that. It just shows lack of research. It shows poor planning, poor execution. And it's one of those kind of things that blows up in your face like an exploding cigar, and you've got smoke, looks like the Three Stooges.

COLMES: All right, Governor.

HUCKABEE: They didn't intend to do it; they just looked stupid without even making...

COLMES: Thanks for being with us.

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