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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Controversial University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, who sparked national outrage by referring to the victims of 9/11 and the attacks as "little Eichmanns," offered his opinion on the reason for the attacks at the New School University lecture that took place in New York last night.

Churchill placed Israel in the crosshairs, citing America's support for the Jewish state as a motivating factor for Al Qaeda.


WARD CHURCHILL, UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO PROFESSOR: Maybe it has something to do with 12- and 13-year-old Palestinian kids getting shot down in the street for the egregious offense of throwing a rock at an IDF soldier? There's that little thing which is pretty well known about Israel being the 51st state in terms of funding and support. There's that little thing about when that bullet strikes that Palestinian kid, the bullet was manufactured in Massachusetts at the Springfield Armory. There's that little thing about where these helicopters come from, where those mini-guns come from, where those rockets come from.


HANNITY: Joining us now, the editor of FrontPageMag.com, author of the best selling book "The Professors", David Horowitz is back with us. And also author and journalist Robert Dreyfuss.

Mr. Dreyfuss, first of all, you'll agree that his comments, the victims of 9/11, little Eichmanns, et cetera. I am sure you'll join me in condemnation of such comments, right?

ROBERT DREYFUSS, AUTHOR/JOURNALIST: Well, I don't think anybody agrees that the victims at 9/11 were little Eichmanns. That's an extreme comment. And so why you're reaching into the bottom of the barrel to find this guy as a representative of criticism, I don't know, but, of course, I agree with you.

HANNITY: Well, it's not a matter of reaching into the bottom of the barrel. The fact is he is a professor. He's on a college campus.

David Horowitz, you've chronicled as well as anybody the indoctrination, the agenda driven professors, and how they take captive audience of students and they try to indoctrinate them.

ROBERT HOROWITZ, AUTHOR, "THE PROFESSORS": Well, you have to understand that Ward Churchill has a very large following on university faculties. He is a professor. He was a chairman of the department. The only reason that his job might be in jeopardy and he's no longer a chairman of the department is because of the American public.

If it was left up to the academic profession, Ward Churchill would be very prominent and very respected professor to this day. Then you have to ask yourself why 200 students cheered him.

And that's because a large part of the curriculum in our universities teaches doctrines that support what Ward Churchill is contending. The Jews are responsible for the War on Terror. The Jews control American foreign policy. That American foreign policy is an imperialist policy and that people who make the American system function are, in effect, making Nazi Germany function and therefore are little Eichmanns. That is standard doctrine.

DREYFUSS: No, no, no.

HANNITY: Hang on a second. Let me go to Mr. Dreyfuss.

Mr. Dreyfuss, he compared — you know, Bob Kerrey I disagree with politically. When his country asked him to go serve, he served his country. And here is this guy calling him — you know, comparing him to a serial killer, Charles Manson. That's disgraceful.

And I think David hit on another great point here. And that is, you know, why a guy that would insult the memories of people that were victims on 9/11, why does he get a standing ovation and get applause by students at a university? That's disgraceful.

DREYFUSS: Look, first of all, David is wrong that he has some grand following among professors.

HANNITY: He got applause — Mr. Dreyfuss, address my question. He had 300 applaud him when all he did was insult the deaths of 3,000 people.

DREYFUSS: No, he didn't insult. In the comment you just played...

HANNITY: Wasn't it insulting to say little Eichmanns?

DREYFUSS: He didn't say that last night. And that's not what they were applauding.

HANNITY: They still applauded him.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: There was another issue last night.

DREYFUSS: Wait, let me — can I get a word in here edgewise?

COLMES: Go ahead, Robert. It's Alan, go ahead.

DREYFUSS: The fact is he made the most rational point you could make, which is that America's support for Israel is, indeed, a motivating force for Muslim political anger at the United States and its Middle East policies.

HANNITY: That's outrageous.

DREYFUSS: That's not a controversial statement.

COLMES: Let me go to David Horowitz here. David...

DREYFUSS: This is not a controversial statement.

COLMES: David, let me ask you a question.

DREYFUSS: Can I talk about the Kerrey thing, too?

COLMES: Let me ask you a question. It's my turn to talk. Do you believe that he should be denied the right to speak? And is this what he's teaching in classrooms? Does he not have the right outside of the classroom to go and say what he believes?

HOROWITZ: Yes, of course.

COLMES: David.

HOROWITZ: Of course he has the right. He does teach. Wait, wait. He said in the debate he had with me at the university — I forget where — George Washington University, he said I profess. This is what I profess. I teach what I believe. And so he does do this in the classroom.

He should have the privilege to speak, but it's an outrage. And it is — that the American university system supports Ward Churchill. What I'm saying is, if it weren't for public outrage and the governor of Colorado and so forth, Ward Churchill would be a prominent, esteemed member of the academic profession speaking on 20 campuses a year, Sean.

COLMES: Well, you don't know that to be true. He's not esteemed. He's actually very often mocked. And the fact is that, look, I don't agree with what he said. What he said about Bob Kerrey...

HOROWITZ: You don't know what you're talking about, Alan.

COLMES: ... is despicable.

HOROWITZ: This is what I do.

COLMES: You don't want him to have the right to speak, do you?

HOROWITZ: Alan, that is totally false. That's just completely false.

DREYFUSS: His point about Israel.

COLMES: Robert — hold on, Robert. Let David finish and can you respond.

HOROWITZ: Like Jimmy Carter he is a Jew hater. Israel has...

COLMES: Jimmy Carter is not a Jew hater, David.

HOROWITZ: With the desire of — first of all, you have to understand that the founders of radical Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, were followers of Hitler.

COLMES: Robert — very quickly, Robert. I promised Robert a chance to respond.

DREYFUSS: If David will stop talking.

COLMES: Hold on, David.

HOROWITZ: ... and people who feed their propaganda are — look...

COLMES: David, we're just out of respond. I promised Robert a chance to respond. Robert, go ahead.

DREYFUSS: David, look, there's nothing Jew hating about Jimmy Carter or me or anyone else who thinks that America's support for Israel is completely misguided and overblown and that we need to take a serious look at an even-handed policy to support both Israel and the Palestinian right to a statehood.

COLMES: All right, gentlemen, we thank you. We are just out of time, guys, we thank you both very much.

HOROWITZ: ... preparing a genocide of the Jews. View their propaganda. You are...

COLMES: All right, guys.

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