Frankly, I think dissent about the war — the war on terror, the war on Iraq, the war on internal sleeper cells — is good… if what the dissenters are doing is raising questions they want answered.

Here are some questions dissenters are raising. Why is this coming up now, and is it because there's an election that President Bush wants to orchestrate?

The answer to why we should act right away is because we now know that nut jobs like Saddam Hussein can strike us here at home. We've known this guy was dangerous for years. Now we know the Coast Guard and the Customs Service can't keep out every wacko with terrorist intentions.

Is Bush doing this because of the election? Jeez, who knows? But come on, what's he supposed to do? "Okay, no war for a few months while we decide who's going to vote on Social Security in the Congress instead of who's going to vote on the war in the Congress?"

Bad luck for the Dems. If the war doesn't work for their side, that's the way it is.

Another question has been: Where is the proof on Saddam?

Well, if you make this demand with your voice muffled, from your head jammed in the sand, then the proof won't make much sense to you. It is a circumstantial case. O.J. was a circumstantial case. As a matter of fact, let's just say the blood drops point to Saddam. The Bruno Mali shoes point to Saddam. The plaintive wail of the dog near Nicole's condo points to Saddam.

And you?  Don't be the jury that blows this one.

That's My Word.

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