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Welcome to War on Terror Democrat style. Silvestre Reyes is the new chair of the House Intelligence Committee, despite the fact he is clueless — absolutely clueless — about the enemy we face in the War on Terror.

So why is the most clueless man in Congress in charge of the House Intel Committee? Because Nancy Pelosi cannot stand Jane Harman, who is so well-qualified she makes Pelosi nervous, and because the guy with the most seniority, Alcee Hastings, is too big an embarrassment.

How could Hastings be a bigger embarrassment than Reyes? Well, Hastings was actually impeached and convicted after committing crimes as a federal judge, before he got elected to Congress. So Reyes got the job. And this is where him being clueless comes in.

Reyes sat down with a reporter for the Congressional Quarterly to answer a few questions, like: Is Al Qaeda Sunni or Shia? Answer: Sunni. Reyes stumbled around and tried to sit the fence by saying both. Clueless.

What's the difference, Mr. Intel Committee chairman, between Sunni and Shia? This one actually requires two minutes of reading and even Wikipedia can keep you in the ballpark. Suffice it to say, Shia are followers of Ali, the son-in-law of the prophet Muhammad. Ali was married to the prophet's daughter Fatima, and when the prophet died some Muslims thought Ali should lead Islam and others thought a learned scholar should be the leader, hence the split between Shia, followers of Ali, and Sunni, a long time ago after Muhammad died.

That thumbnail sketch would have gotten him through it, even as crudely as I related it.

Now are there Republicans who voted for the war who don't know these facts? Sure. But we're now talking about the people in charge, and as of January Reyes is in charge and he's clueless.

Pelosi told Brit Hume that the war in Iraq isn't a war, but a situation that needs to be fixed. She picks a guy who doesn't know why Al Qaeda was formed or which branch of Islam it represents.

People are going to say Bush doesn't know much either. Well, I think he's learned that much, and these are the people who are proposing to take control of the war from him. So if they're going to assert control they could at least be an improvement.

That's My Word.

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