It seems that even the world’s oldest profession is suffering from the recession, leaving the brothel industry looking for new ways to make money.

Enter male prostitutes.

Two hours north of Las Vegas, Nevada's the Shady Lady is looking for dapper dudes to cater to the other half. For the first time, the brothel is offering up men for hire, and its owner sat down with FOX News to talk about the change in strategy.

"There are a lot of career-minded women out there who are looking for romance but not necessarily a relationship," Shady Lady owner Bobbi Davis told FOX.

Other venues across the state also have inquired about adding men to the menu. But brothel industry lobbyist George Flint discourages the practice because he believes it is socially unacceptable — and he doubts it will have any effect on the bottom line.

Flint estimated that business at bordellos is down by up to 70 percent at some establishments.

"Like every industry, the brothel business is not very good," he told FOX. "Brothels survive on disposable income, which there is not a lot of right now."

Davis thinks it’s a gamble worth taking. She says she has had women ask for men in the past and is simply filling a need.

"Women want someone to have a nice time with — and just like men they don’t want to have to worry about calling them in the morning," she said.

Overweight, toothless men covered in tattoos and body piercings need not apply, Davis warned.

And though being physically fit is important, being of prime age — between 30 and 50 years old — is an even bigger requirement, she added.

But men and women have slightly different needs when it comes to prostitutes, according to David. Male clients want youth and eye candy while "women want someone who knows what he's doing."

The cost for a male professional will be the same as that of a female: $500 for two hours, $800 for three. But since pricing is by the hour and women usually want more time with their guys-for-hire, costs could soar, Davis said.

The Shady Lady proprietor said she won't discriminate if her male prostitutes want to entertain male clients instead of female ones.

The Shady Lady is among the 25 legal brothels in Nevada in 10 different counties.