Walking the Line

A lot of people found me elitist to question unions.

I think quite the opposite.

What's elitist is union chiefs insensitive to change and insensitive to their own abuses. Union honchos who use their members, but do very little for their members.

I have worked on a factory floor. The people I worked with were the salt of the earth. Good hard-working men and women, who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.

That's the problem — they're almost too good, too decent. And these days too trusting.

Believe me, factory work, in particular isn't easy. So the people who represent you shouldn't have it easy either. They are there for you. All I'm saying is make sure they're watching out for you.

Ask yourself this, the next cold, snowy day you're walking a picket line: Where is my union rep? Is he out here? Is he shivering with me? Is he looking out for me?

Chances are he's far away in a warm, cozy office — more interested in covering his butt than protecting yours.

Believe me, there are many management knuckleheads. The last thing you need is a union knucklehead to take him on.

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