Simon Cowell couldn’t wait to flee the country, Paula Abdul couldn’t wait to see her reflection and, with Bikini Girl gone, I couldn’t wait to see who Ryan Seacrest would flirt with on Tuesday’s American Idol episode.

So, how 72 people waited all day in a room to find out one of the biggest verdicts of their lives is beyond me. But the contestants once again found a way as the judges narrowed things down to the Top 48.

Having experienced the anxiety for himself four years ago, Season 4 Finalist Anthony Federov said watching this week’s episode was like deja vu.

“I remember sitting in that room and my heart beating a hundred miles an hour just not knowing what was going to happen,” Fedorov told me on the 'Idol Chatter' set. “I definitely felt for these guys.”

VIDEO: Click to see Anthony Fedorov guest host the latest Idol Chatter.

But before the test of patience, came the final Hollywood performances. And, for many, that task seemed just as daunting.

Joanna Pacitti got so nervous she forgot every word to Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”

Kaylan Loyd nailed all the lyrics for the same song, but made it hard to distinguish whether she was singing or in labor.

And Steven Fowler also fudged his words – twice — as he pulled a Brooke White while attempting David Cook’s “Time of My Life.”

Seeing strong performers go down like that must have made the judges’ decisions more difficult. Still it was obvious they were trying to get everything done as quickly as possible, as evidenced by their appearances.

Randy, for example, saved time on picking out jewelry that morning by having both a silver and copper necklace imprinted directly onto his t-shirt.

Kara DioGuardi must have just picked up the first dominatrix outfit she saw on Hollywood Blvd. while she was en route to the Kodak that morning.

And, in case you were thinking that maybe they just didn’t have a mirror handy, Paula put those theories to rest by wearing at least five around her neck to compliment her easy-on green jumpsuit.

But even with the many distractions to be had at the judges table, contestants like Danny Gokie, Scott Macintyre and Lil Rounds still managed flawless performances.

Kristen McNamara also seemed to handle the pressure well, though maybe that was just because Seacrest was waiting in the wings to comfort her.

And in the end it seemed the only people who couldn’t take it were Simon, who left the other three judges to deliver the day’s results as he took off to England, and Tatiana Del Toro, who was definitely pushed over that mental ledge she’s been teetering on after the judges asked her to switch rooms.

As for me, I’m teetering on my own mental ledge as I’m dying to know who makes the Top 36 already. Considering everything that’s happened thus far, I think it’s safe to say that contestants like Danny, Scott and Lil are sure to go on to the semi-finals. But to learn the fates of the Tatianas and Nick Mitchels of the Idol world, we’re just going to have to wait it out.

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