Waiting for DNA Match in JonBenet Murder Mystery?

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By the time you receive his, John Mark Karr may be en route to Colorado. We heard from one source last night that he was going today (no specific time given), but others say Colorado has to do some more "paperwork" before he gets moved and that it will be a few days. I have no idea which source has the scoop, but authorities want to keep the actual time quiet. They don't want any security trouble, so the precise details are routinely kept quiet. This makes sense.

Many are waiting for the DNA to give us the answer whether the DA got her man or was "had." If you watched our show last night, you would not hold your breath waiting. Why? Karr's lawyer told us last night on our show that no DNA swab has yet been taken (I suppose one could have been covertly taken... from a glass he used?), plus former Assistant DA Bill Wise told us that the DNA from the scene (under JonBenet's nails) was contaminated and the DNA from her underwear is very slight. Bottom line: Per the experts (including Dr. Henry Lee), the DNA results could exclude him, but won't necessarily include him because of the problems.

We are chipping away at the Ramsey/Karr matter, trying to get to the bottom of it. I would like to know if this is the killer or not (although my guess is that it is not, I hope I am wrong since like I noted, I would like this story ended and justice for JonBenet.) Tonight we have on our show the lawyer for the Karr family who can help shed light on the big question: Where was John Karr on Christmas 1996? The lawyer helped produce to authorities one picture from Christmas 1996 and we will find out as much as possible about that picture.

Last night Pat Buchanan was on our show to talk about his new book, "State of Emergency." The book is about immigration in this country and needless to say, immigration is a hot topic. Our country needs sensible answers to a growing problem.

Over the years, Pat and I have discussed many issues both on and off camera, sometimes agreeing and sometimes disagreeing, but always when we disagreed it was a good, engaging discussion and never mean spirited. He once told me — off camera — that if he became president of the United States that he would appoint me ambassador of some far away country no one ever heard of so that I could not continue to do damage to this country. He was teasing me, of course, although I did have visions of lying on the beach on some small island country in the Pacific, answering diplomatic cablegrams.

Here are a few factoids: Pat and I worked together at CNN — he was an anchor on "Crossfire," I anchored two other shows ("Burden of Proof" and "The Point.") If you dig back into history, there are others who passed through CNN as anchors who you know: Bob Beckel, who guest-hosted with Sean Hannity last night, was an anchor at one time on "Crossfire"; Mrs. Cheney was an anchor on "Crossfire" (she may have been a co-host to Bob Beckel), Jesse Jackson, etc… many of us cycled through CNN.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

If possible, make it over to the Gulf Coast. I do care about what is going on in New Orleans, but that is not where I live. You people gave it all the coverage during the storm.
John Moore
Gulfport, MS

ANSWER: For our coverage of one-year anniversary of Katrina, I would like to go many places devastated by Katrina and might get to your area. I do know that my colleague Shep Smith will be in Mississippi. We attempted to divide the region up so that we could give maximum coverage and Shep is from Mississippi — he spent time in Mississippi during Katrina coverage and I spent time in New Orleans. (Also, Shep spent time in New Orleans…)

E-mail No. 2

Greta, the pictures from Christmas of 1996 don't show John Karr, but couldn't he have been the one taking the pictures?

E-mail No. 3

Dear Greta,
I'm sure that you remember the feasance sisters: non, mis, and mal. Why haven't they been introduced to about 80% of the elected officials in our country? Aren't they still crimes?
Please advise.
Lewis A. Morris

E-mail No. 4

I hope law enforcement got his DNA from the champagne glass he used on his business class flight back to the USA!
Your fan,
Diana Kaiser
Moved to sunny St. Augustine from Burke, VA. and it's great down here!

E-mail No. 5

I am glad that you are going to the Gulf States to cover this story, Greta. Our government has let the people that were victimized by Katrina down. It is a horrid national scandal that inadequate resources have been made available there and hardly any attention is being paid to the human plight. This situation should be our number one national priority and the President and Congress should not take a day off until the lives of our fellow citizens that were virtually destroyed by the storm are put back together again. We have a real human tragedy down there and what in God's name is being done?

E-mail No. 6

Today, you showed a lack of knowledge of U.S. labor law during your interview of Buchanan. Employers are NOT required to double check Social Security numbers with Washington, although they have the option of doing so. Do you and Pat really think that major corporations would break the law when it was much easier to have the law written in such a way that they could meet its basic requirements? As a lawyer, you should know the law and quit grandstanding about perp walks.
Ed Derksen
Sisters, OR

ANSWER: I do think corporations are happy to "look the other way" and avoid learning whether they are hiring illegals.

E-mail No. 7

Pat has said what I have bee saying for years: Bush's eco plan is treasonist [sic]. I will go one step further Bush is a traitor [sic] to the citizens of the USA.
Thank you, Pat — Pat Buchanan for president!
Michael Stiffler

E-mail No. 8

Hi Greta,
Is Pat Buchanan running for president? If he is I am voting for him! He seems to know how the real people in the real world feels. Out here we are tired of loosing jobs and income to illegals. And the word here is illegal! It is getting to the point where how dare they prosecute me for committing a crime, heck, they don't prosecute the illegals nor the people that hire them, out here in the real world I know of companies that will gladly pay the measly fines, compared to what they can make off illegals. So AMEN to Pat Buchanan for what he said about getting to the root and stopping the magnets, lets make it a lot HARDER on those that hire them.
Wake up America, before it is to late and then we will have to be called Mexico!

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