Now it's getting weird.

Now it's sounding like closing time at the auto dealership and the manager's frantic.

He's got to close the deal. His salesman got to close the sale. And he can't. They can't.

They've got to make the number. And bottom line, they ain't got the number, because his 60 salesmen got no deal.

So there's Joe Biden, saying, "Say it ain't so. It can't be so." But it is so.

And for the 60 salesman senators who vote with the Democratic Caucus gathering at the White House today, here's what else is so: They're not even close.

They're still so far apart on this health care thing, that even Joe recognizes the obvious: they might not get this health care thing. And if they miss this chance, they won't get another chance for a generation or more.

So, Joe, the manager is upset. And Joe's manager, the president, is really upset. And Democrats who've been so close to the biggest piece of legislation in history that they can taste it, are at a loss how they can be this close to botching it. Because for every new vote they bring in, they lose another vote they had.

And now Joe feels he's been had. The sales manager adept at selling lemons to the public cannot fathom not selling them to even his salesmen.

It is the ultimate indignity. Even fellow car salesmen know a clunker when they see it, which means the manager's about to throw out all sorts of gimmicks to sell it.

Get ready, this is going to get ugly. But then again, few closing sales are ever pretty, are they? Especially when the manager can't manage and his salesmen can't sell.

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