Voter Disgust

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On the Sunday edition of “Weekend Live” we noted recent surveys that show a great deal of voter disgust with elected officials in Washington. In our never-ending attempt to find out what real Americans are thinking — to find out what is behind the numbers — we asked you to tell us what makes you mad about politics and politicians. Boy! Did we ever hit a raw nerve.

We start with Rod from Colorado Springs:

“Washington always seeks the lowest common denominator in formulating policy or passing laws. D.C. is compromising us into oblivion. The Senate bill that would legitimize illegal immigrants is the best recent example.”

John from Massachusetts sounded what turned out to be a common theme:

“One word. HYPOCRISY! Hypocrite Democrats chastise our use of foreign fuel, but stop our own drilling and support a secret Ted Kennedy deal, which stops a wind farm on Cape Cod because it is near his house. Hypocrite Republicans want security, but will do nothing to stop employers from hiring illegals. Both parties call each other corrupt yet neither will adopt the one rule to end corruption...term limits.”

Let's turn now to Nathan from Texas:

“The reason I am mad at Washington politics is that all the politicians seem truly concerned about is funding their campaigns and extending their incumbency advantage at the expense of our country. This country lacks any real leadership from its elected officials, and when they use their positions of leadership to extend their political advantage, I feel like they are taking advantage of millions of hardworking Americans.”

Many voters, like Jim in California, are outraged that so much attention is paid to special interest groups:

“I loathe politicians because they refuse to represent their constituency by acting in accordance with the will of the voter; they first take care of themselves by pandering to special interests. They act not morally, idealistically, or legally but self-servingly. Can anyone say ILLEGAL immigration?”

Don in Ohio is among those voters who believe that politicians are often driven by greed:

“What does Congress do? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Their main agenda is to not stir the pot, but to see what their country can do for them, not what they can do for their country. P-E-R-I-O-D.”

Darlene of Arkansas agrees:

“I have lost all respect for politicians because all they care about is their own pocketbooks, rather than passing laws for the good of our county. Most of them are a bunch of pantywaists with no backbone, because they cave in to lobbyists rather than doing things for the good of the country. They serve their own interests rather than the people they are supposed to represent. The only thing they care about is getting re-elected.”

Then we heard from Sylvia from Nebraska:

“U.S. congressmen and senators seem unable to see anything beyond their own political ambitions. Their votes are rarely based on good old common sense, the ultimate good of the country, or even on the opinions of the majority in their districts, which is supposed to be the basis of Democracy. They better wake up and look the opinion polls back home, instead of the desires of a few special interests."

I cannot recall a time when there was so much voter dissatisfaction with how Washington operates. I can tell you from my conversations with elected officials — they are nervous about what it means for the coming elections. Thanks for all of your comments. See you next weekend.


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