A man believed to have been mauled by dogs in northern Virginia died from his injuries.

The 20-year-old man from Leesburg, Va., was found dead Monday with severe wounds authorities believe were caused by dogs, MyFOXDC.com reported.

Four animals — two roaming pit bulls, one caged dog and another dead dog — also were discovered at the residence.

Witnesses claimed to have seen the dogs before, but it is unknown whether they all lived in the house, according to MyFOXDC.com.

Details of any possible dog attack are unknown. Animal control now has custody of the two pit bulls, the station reported.

The man's death hit the close-knit community hard.

"It shows you how special life really is," Morgan Hunt, the victim’s friend, told MyFOXDC.com. "I bet he woke up this morning like a normal morning and then this happens. It's insane, it's devastating — it really is."

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