Virginia Governor Delays Execution of Former Army Intelligence Worker

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has delayed the Oct. 5 execution of a former Army intelligence worker from Maryland convicted of killing a northern Virginia couple.

Kaine on Friday delayed the execution until Nov. 17 because he said he needed more time to review Larry Bill Elliott's clemency petition.

The 59-year-old was convicted in the January 2001 shooting deaths of 25-year-old Dana Thrall and 30-year-old Robert Finch.

Prosecutors said Elliott killed the couple because he was jealous of Finch, who was involved in a custody dispute with a former stripper with whom Elliott was romantically involved at the time.

Two separate juries convicted Elliott of the killings. The first verdict in 2002 was set aside because a juror improperly discussed the case with someone outside the court. He was convicted again a year later.