Vietnam Vet Arrested After Allegedly Making Hand Gun Gestures, Wearing Threatening Shirt to Town Meeting

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A 60-year-old Island Lake, Ill., man was arrested Tuesday at his home and charged with disorderly conduct after his gestures and choice of clothing scared members at a village board meeting last month, reported.

Vietnam vet Greg Kachka had the chance to turn himself in but refused to do so because he did not believe he had done anything wrong, police said.

Kachka said he went to the village board meeting to ask questions regarding how the board spends taxpayers’ money. He told that when he didn’t get any answers he decided to stay.

“This is America,” Kachka told “I didn’t fight for this country to be treated like this.”

Two of the board members said they felt threatened by Kachka, who was wearing a T-shirt picturing a Marine Corps sniper that read “Don't Move. If You Run, You'll Only Die Tired.”

Trustee Debbie Herrmann and Village Clerk Christy Kaczmarek filed a complaint, saying Kachka began pointing at them with his index finger and thumb positioned as though his hand were a gun, the Daily Herald reported.

Kachka claims he pointed at Herrmann after she made faces at him, but did not mean the gesture in a threatening way.

“I look up and there’s Debbie Herrmann making all kinds of goofy faces at me,” Kachka told “I didn’t do anything intentional. I talk with my hands a lot.”

Kachka is scheduled for court in June.

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