Video: Swedish Twins Get Hit Playing 'Frogger' on Freeway

Blonde Swedish twins stopped traffic Friday, literally, as they darted back and forth between oncoming vehicles on a busy highway before being hauled away, kicking and screaming, by authorities.

Remarkable CCTV footage posted by the Sun of London shows the young women throwing themselves onto the M6 motorway in what could best be described as a real-life game of ‘Frogger,’ the object of which is to cross a busy freeway without becoming road kill.

The video shows one of the women getting hit by a van. She miraculously gets back up and tries to run back onto the highway. Her sister, the Sun reports, was hit twice by oncoming cars.

Police tried to detain the women, who struggled free to race back onto the road. The bizarre "game" ends when the twins are eventually forced off the highway and taken to an ambulance by force.

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