Did Jessica Simpson succumb to stage fright when she botched Sunday night's Kennedy Center tribute to Dolly Parton?

Video aired Tuesday night by "Inside Edition" shows Simpson clearly flubbing the words to Parton's classic song "Nine to Five," and abruptly ending the performance with the words "so nervous" before exiting stage left, to no applause.

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The video, part of a show set to air Dec. 26 on CBS, also shows her in tears when she and the other singers in the tribute came back out.

The tribute program, which also included honors for director Steven Spielberg, singer Smokey Robinson, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and conductor Zubin Mehta, was part of the 29th annual class of Kennedy Center honorees.

After the performance, Simpson is shown being comforted by actress Reese Witherspoon, who delivered her own tribute to Parton.

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