From former presidents to rising stars, the Democratic Party’s heaviest hitters pulled out all of the stops to make the case for the Kerry-Edwards ticket this week in Boston.

Now here’s your chance to catch some of the biggest speeches from this year’s Democratic National Convention.

Just click on the video links in the box above to watch the complete speeches.

Monday, July 26: Day One
Theme: The Kerry-Edwards Plan for America's Future
Featured Speakers:
• Bill Clinton, former president of the United States
• Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.

Tuesday, July 27: Day Two
A Lifetime of Strength and Service
Featured Speakers:
• Sen. Ted Kennedy
, D-Mass.
• Howard Dean, former 2004 presidential candidate
• Ron Reagan, son of former president Ronald Reagan
• Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of John Kerry
• Barack Obama, state senator from Illinois, U.S. Senate candidate

Wednesday, July 28: Day Three
A Stronger, More Secure America
Featured Speakers:
• John Edwards
, Democratic vice presidential nominee
• Dennis Kucinich, former 2004 presidential candidate
• Al Sharpton, former 2004 presidential candidate

Thursday, July 29: Day Four
Theme: Stronger at Home, Respected in the World
Featured Speakers:
• John Kerry
, Democratic presidential nominee
• Jim Rassmann, Kerry's crewmate in Vietnam
• Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader
• Joe Lieberman, former 2004 presidential candidate
• Wesley Clark, former 2004 presidential candidate