Video Appears to Show Young Angelina Jolie in Drug Den

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A new video said to be of Angelina Jolie when she was 23 shows the actress hanging out in a drug den talking about sadomasochistic sex as a woman next to her appears to casually smoke heroin.

Jolie, now 32, does not take any drugs herself in the video, which appears on the Web site for the U.K. tabloid the Sun. But she does talk about taking part in sex games where someone is tied down or hurt.

"It’s just a cool thing," she says.

She also tells how her mouse died after she dyed it blue — and how a hamster and lizards also died. The hamster got pneumonia after she took it into the shower while the lizards were left too long in the sun.

Angelina continues: “My snake I had — I tried killing him.” She recalls how at 12 she was “a bad girl — beating up my friends.”

The star was said to have been a regular at the filthy drug den in New York’s Chelsea Hotel, according to the Sun.

Jolie has admitted to using drugs in the past, but says she gave them up long ago.

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