Mike Korpal knows firsthand just how dangerous jail escapee Jonathan Good is.

Good, who escaped from the Mecosta County Jail earlier this week, was considered the ringleader of a group that broke into Korpal's Morley home in March.

Authorities say he had Korpal and his wife bound with duct tape and threatened to kill them. The robbers, looking for weapons, prescription drugs and cash, returned days later and fired multiple gunshots into the house, hitting Korpal's wife in the leg.

Mike Korpal doubts Good would return to his home, but said he poses a danger to others.

"If he happens to get a hold of a gun, he could be holding a family hostage right now," Korpal told The Grand Press on Friday.

"He's killed before. This is not a guy you want to mess with."

Good, 36, got out through a skylight in the jail late Wednesday. He last was seen wearing white boxer shorts, a white T-shirt and rubber shoes. He may have obtained clothing and cut his hair, the Mecosta County sheriff's department said.

He still was at large on Saturday, the sheriff's department said.

State records show Good got out of Michigan's prison system after serving sentences for second-degree murder and armed robbery for crimes committed in 1988.

He currently is charged with robbery, attempted murder and kidnapping.

Jeff Barker, who lives four blocks from the jail, said his wife is on edge. He thinks Good left the area. Still, he makes sure doors to his house and garage are locked.

"I guess he's a pretty bad guy, from what I've been told," Barker said.

Police were investigating how Good dislodged a bolted metal mesh grate, then broke through a fiberglass skylight in a shower room to escape. Good squeezed through the 2-foot-square skylight opening.