Victim of Grizzly Bear Mauling Drives 15 Miles for Help

A British Columbia man has proved himself to be a true survivor after he drove 15 miles for help after being severely mauled by an 880-pound grizzly bear, reported.

Fifty-three-year-old Brent Case was doing survey work for a power company east of Bella Coola, British Columbia, on Saturday when “he felt like someone was watching him,” his son, Dean Case, told

The bear grabbed Case and threw him to the ground. He was dragged and bit on the head, resulting in a huge gash. The bear also jumped on Case’s body several times.

After Case pretended to be dead the bear eventually wandered off. Despite deep cuts on his head and upper arm, and bite wounds to his elbow and knee that were all bleeding profusely, Case managed to get into his truck and drive 15 miles out of the woods until he found help.

"I knew right away he'd been attacked by something," Rob Sandford, who initially helped Case, told "What I could see [he was] basically covered in blood."

Case was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital, where he remained Wednesday.

"The stitches are stapled all over the back and the side of his head, and over his upper arm," Dean Case told "He's a pretty smart guy and he kept his face down when it was happening, so he doesn't have any damage to his face."

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