Vice President Cheney Returns to White House After Leg Checkup

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Vice President Dick Cheney returned to the White House on Tuesday after receiving a positive report on the blood clot in his lower left leg.

"The leg's doing good," Cheney told reporters on Capitol Hill.

Doctors used an ultrasound to check the clot, which showed it is slowly getting smaller.

"The ultrasound was reassuring and showed the clot is gradually resolving," said spokeswoman Megan McGinn in a statement.

Doctors advised Cheney to continue current treatment with blood thinning medication, McGinn said.

Doctors found a blood clot in Cheney's left lower leg on March 5, called a deep venous thrombosis.

A few weeks later, Cheney experienced discomfort in his left lower leg and returned for repeat ultrasound imaging of the clot on March 20.

Cheney's staff added the appointment at George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates near George Washington University Hospital to his schedule Tuesday morning. The vice president arrived to work at 7:15 a.m. and had regular morning meetings, Cheney's office said.

Cheney, 66, has previously been treated for a heart condition and has a pacemaker to regulate any irregular heartbeat. His annual physical in July showed his overall heart condition was stable. At the time, an electrocardiogram was also taken to check on repaired aneurysms on the back of his knees that were repaired through surgery in 2005.

FOX News' Wendell Goler and The Associated Press contributed to this report.