Utah Woman Charged With Homicide in Alcohol Poisoning Death of Teen She Was Called to Help

A Utah woman was charged with homicide in the alcohol poisoning death of a 14-year-old boy she reportedly tried to help.

Authorities say that the teen, Jess "Micade" Horrocks, died because of inaction on the part of 24-year-old Candice Collard, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Collard now could spend 15 years in prison if she is convicted of second-degree felony homicide.

Prosecutors said Collard was allegedly called to help Horrocks, who had been drinking hard liquor in Uintah County with some friends April 12, according to the Tribune.

Horrocks guzzled so much alcohol that he became unresponsive. Collard was called, but took the boy to her home 13 miles away rather than driving him to a hospital, Uintah County Deputy Attorney Greg Lamb told the paper.

Another adult called 911 about midnight after discovering the teen, who was declared brain dead the next day and removed from life support.

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