An Ogden man has been sentenced to a year in jail after being caught driving drunk four times in 19 days.

Val Joseph Bielechi pleaded guilty in May to two of the third-degree felonies in exchange the two other charges were dropped.

Bielecki's first arrest came March 3 in Ogden. Three days later, on March 6, he was arrested after a Weber County sheriff's deputy found Bielecki's vehicle plowed into a snowbank on Snowbasin Road. A March 9 arrest was made by the same deputy who found Bielecki passed out in his jeep with the keys in the ignition. And Bielecki was arrested for the fourth time on March 21 after his defense attorney persuaded a judge to let Bielecki out of jail to check in to rehab. Instead Bielecki was arrested that afternoon on another DUI charge.

Along with the year in jail, 2nd District Judge W. Brent West ordered Bielecki to have an interlock device installed in his vehicle for three years. The device prevents drivers from starting their car if there is alcohol on their breath.