Prosecutors dismissed a felony child endangerment charge against Melissa Ann Rowland (search) Tuesday, saying they would use allegations of Rowland's drug use during her pregnancy to bolster the murder case against her.

Rowland pleaded not guilty to the murder charge on Monday, stemming from prosecutors' claims that she ignored medical advice to undergo an emergency Caesarean section (search), resulting in the death of one twin.

Rowland, in a yellow jumpsuit and handcuffs, appeared in person before 3rd District Judge Michael Burton but did not speak.

The endangerment charge involved the surviving twin, who has since been adopted. Prosecutors say the baby, who required oxygen and intravenous support after birth, had cocaine and alcohol in her system.

A doctor said Rowland tested positive for cocaine. In an interview Friday, Rowland denied any drug use during pregnancy and said she was never told she required emergency surgery.