Utah's attorney general is giving two thumbs up to the 1967 movie "Camelot" — as a way to attract girls.

Speaking on Wednesday at Utah Boys State, the annual convention of high school students interested in civics, Mark Shurtleff praised the film starring Richard Harris as King Arthur and Vanessa Redgrave as Guenevere.

Watch it with a heartthrob and "she will be your girlfriend after this movie," said Shurtleff, 49. "That's a promise from the attorney general. ... It's a chick flick but there's sword fighting and jousting, too."

To begin his speech, Shurtleff brandished his own sword, a cutlass he said he bought online at Dresslikeapirate.com.

"What does the sword represent?" he said. "When you break the law, you pay the price."

Shurtleff, who has five children with his wife of 26 years, usually attends Girls State, but not this year.

"So I can't pass any messages for you," he told the boys.