R&B crooner Usher (search) swears he has no beef with Justin Timberlake (search).

"I'm not in competition with Justin. I'm not in competition with anyone but myself," he told The Boston Globe in Friday's editions. "I'm not looking for that bad-boy image, I'm not a person who goes out looking for trouble."

It's been suggested that the two singers are less-than-friendly rivals, especially after Timberlake, the former 'N Sync leader, was anointed by Rolling Stone (search) magazine as "the new King of Pop" over Usher.

Usher's latest album, "Confessions," has sold more than 5 million copies. Its singles include the infectious dance hit "Yeah!," "Burn" and "Confessions Part II."

"It's not just about a hit record, it's not just the marketing behind an album, it's about the talent, and I go out there and I work hard," he said. "No one can just take your spot. If you really work hard, no one can take your spot."