Update on Condition of Catherine Herridge's Son

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As you know, we continue to follow the progress of our colleague Catherine Herridge's son Peter, who now has part of her liver in him. Since it is better to get it straight from the source, here is what Catherine wrote me yesterday:

E-mail No. 1

Hello from Pittsburgh!
We are spending all our time in the ICU with Peter. The nurses have nicknamed him "happy" because he is smiling so much now. Recovery is not a straight line, so we have some days when Peter makes terrific progress and others where he slips back. Peter has now been "extubated" (that means the breathing tube has been taken out of his lungs). This is a major step forward. He still has some breathing support from a thin tube that lies under his nose. Of course, Peter being Peter, he expends a lot of baby effort trying to pull it off!
I have a lot of respect for the ICU doctors. The day Peter started breathing on his own, he had severe withdrawal from the pain and sedation medication he had been on. So severe, that his heart rated dropped in half. The doctors, especially Dr. Shakar, stayed calm and helped Peter get through this. It seemed like the longest hour of my life. They didn't give up on him and they didn't do the easy thing either, which would have been to put his breathing tube back in. We are so grateful for their grace under pressure.
To deal with the withdrawal, Peter is now on methadone. Apparently, this is pretty common with transplant kids. My husband and I try to make light of it, by telling Peter we will help him "kick his habit" when he's better!
I don't know how these doctors come in every day. The kids in an ICU are so very sick and many of them won't make it. But these teams give it their best shot every day, for families they have never met before, it's an amazing thing.
As for his liver, this is a critical time, when some form of rejection can take place. I know Peter's doctors are monitoring this closely. Every day you look at his blood work wondering if it shows rejection or just an infection. This is an anxious time.
Please thank everyone who is pulling for "happy." We can't thank you enough. Will give him a big kiss for you.

Now for some gossip: I ran into Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., in the FOX News green room last night. He has a new book out: "In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border and Security." We briefly compared notes about writing books and I told him how I enjoyed writing a book, but hated the selling part — which is pretty important. There is little sense in writing a book if you don't like to go out and sell it. His book is hot off the presses, so last night was just the beginning for him.

Now for some other e-mails:

E-mail No. 2

I read your e-mails daily and do agree you need to get a hair stylist and a wardrobe person. Your look need [sic] a lot of work. You are a good news person and a very humaine [sic] person, but work on your look.
Grace G.
Los Angeles, CA

E-mail No. 3

I was watching the judge for Andrea Yates in the courtroom today — the judge was falling asleep. I don't think this is right, the judge should be replaced. What do you think?

ANSWER: I did not see the hearing today, but if the judge fell asleep, you are right — he should be replaced. Are you sure he/she fell asleep?

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
When I lived in Vinings, Georgia, the Ramseys also had a house there on the corner of West Paces Ferry and a side street, near the river.
I would drive by the house and take some pictures and video to show friends. One day, I drove down their road off W. Paces Ferry. I found it weird that their road ran into another named, Garreaux. I found it weird because one of the pieces of evidence found in JonBenet's death was the garrote thing that was found around her neck. If you pronounce both words the French way, they sound the same. I always thought that was bizarre. Not that I think they had anything to do with her death, but I am like you and until her murder is solved, family members are still suspects.
I attended a conference in Denver about five years ago. I went touring in Boulder, tried to locate the Ramsey home. Finally went to the Boulder P.D. and they told me where the house was on 15th! I also have pictures and video of that house. I think there's a part of me that should have been an investigative reporter!
I know the Ramseys had moved to Michigan, so it surprised me to hear that Patsy passed here in Atlanta. I hope some day this mystery is solved. But right now, I hope Patsy and JonBenet are reunited.
Take care,

E-mail No. 5

I always felt the authorities jumped the gun in only looking at the Ramseys. They had suffered a terrible loss and I feel the media and public zeroed in on them because of the pictures of JonBenet and her beauty pageant days. I always felt so sorry for them and the loss they had suffered. They not only lost their daughter, but everything after all of that. She suffered with cancer, with no insurance because he was out of a job. I feel that they have suffered more than necessary and because of the rush to judgment, no one will ever be found who really committed this crime. I hope Patsy Ramsey can finally find peace and be with her daughter, who I know she loved very much.
Janis De La Torre
Palmdale, CA

E-mail No. 6

Bo Dietl has (inadvertently, I assume) streamlined our judicial system. Instead of all that hassle with judges, juries, attorneys and trials, we just let the process server decide guilt or innocence. Process server has a daughter, process server says the guy's guilty, process server mentions Darth Vader five times and bingo: suspect is guilty! Talk about clearing cases! Wow!
Dick Lodge

E-mail No. 7

Your guest, Bo Dietl, exemplifies what is wrong with the justice system in the United States. Prosecutors and police departments have lost the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Even though the Holloways filed a civil suit, the problem is still that Mr. Dietl considers Joran guilty. Mr. Dietl's tough guy attitude may work as a detective, but it makes him look like an ignorant, uneducated law enforcement officer. Mr. Dietl said that if Joran did nothing wrong, then he should just accept the service of process and have his day in court. Well, Mr. Dietl is not paying for Joran's legal bills. It costs money to litigate... it's not just a free day in court.
Casey Boyd
Carrollton, TX

E-mail No. 8

Dear Greta,
I'm a big fan of your program. Seeing this Dietl character tonight, gave credence to the common knowledge that he is a joke in the law enforcement community. Not so much for his abilities as a homicide detective, but in his own belief in the unsubstantiated lore, he started about himself, many years ago
I am a retired law enforcement officer, having spent 34 years, serving the citizens of Orange County, (Orlando) FL. Dietl escalated a simple service, into an unprofessional affray. What a slap in the face to all those law officers, current and retired, who try to conduct themselves, in a professional manner. If he became that emotional over the service, how could he have contained himself, dealing with murderers, all those years?
Bill Rauscher
Orlando, FL

E-mail No. 9

Thank you for finally showing the entire tape of Bo Dietl's service. Much like the Dr. Phil tape, I thought there was something shady going on when Mr. Dietl only released selected clips. I am truly appalled by Mr.Dietl: his smugness, his actions and his insults to the intelligence of the viewers. Looking at the tape are we honestly to believe that this man did nothing wrong? That he did not cross the line? Are we to believe that this boy who is walking away calmly, making no comments, not getting back in Mr. Dietl's face was the one initiating this confrontation? He follows the guys AFTER the service, pushed up against them, screaming in their faces, then is grabbing at the producer loading his luggage into the taxi! Am I to believe that Joran "was looking at him with evil eyes" so that justified his behavior?! Come on! The boy was looking at the ground! I wonder if Mr. Dietl would have done the same to an American who knew their rights, or to a female. I'd bet that the fear of a lawsuit would have drastically curtailed this bully's behavior.
I knew Mr.Dietl was a coward when he did not initially release the entire tape when the accusations of shoving came out. But this interview just proves he's also a liar and a bully. Don't hide behind your children or your emotions to justify your bullying. As a professional, as an adult, you have no excuses, and the lies after the fact, only make it worse. Sadly, this seems to be typical of the people Beth Holloway has surrounded herself with, including Joe Mammana, and Jeremy Skeeters. These people have simply muddled the case, turned off many of Beth's former supporters, and tragically, distracted us from who is really important here: Natalee.
Mr. Dietl's comments of "Welcome to America" were appalling. Mr. Dietl simply does not represent the America or the New York that I love.
S. Brown
Philadelphia, PA

E-mail No. 10

I have watched my last "On the Record." If you have read everything that is in the files the district attorney gave to the defense, then maybe your self righteous snideness about the case might be justified. I don't think you have and you have no right to behave the way you have been behaving. This accuser is not getting fair treatment from you.
You have lost my respect.
Tom McMahan

E-mail No. 11

I hope Warren Buffet's children feel as I do. My great parents love me, raised me well, and gave me gifts of example, perspective, character and siblings. They struggled to support us and can do as they please with their money. They don't owe me jack.
Chris Castro
Derby, KS

And under the headline "we don't make this up," check out this AP story:

Man Tries to Pay With Bartender's Checks

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