I was hoping there would never be an event that would overshadow the annual remembrance of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. But it's happened in a disaster called Katrina (search).

It's hard to believe that we could not talk about all that has taken place since the attacks — along with the problems of rebuilding in downtown New York. We all should watch the specials on the heroes on Flight 93 and a 9/11 series on the Discovery Channel. When 9/11 Commission member Tim Roemer (search) says it was extremely accurate and fascinating well, you got me.

Did you see the New York Post story about the Cooper Station exhibit that mocks the president and Pat Tillman? Well, look it up and if you feel my rage please let them hear it! By the way, if you are in the New York area please go down to Church and Liberty Street in Manhattan to take part in the "Take Back the Memorial" rally at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday. These callous jerks are trying to make to a Center of Tolerance instead of a tribute to those who lost their lives!

As for our guests, we were thrilled to have Sen. Norm Coleman in studio and he was fired up about the conclusions in the Oil-for-Food (search) program and tapped his expertise on local government as it relates to national emergencies. This relationship is key to figuring out what went wrong in and around Hurricane Katrina. Also, it was great to have Newt Gingrich in studio — he's looking less like an ideologue and more like a deep thinking idea-man everyday. I agree with Sean Hannity that Gingrich would be a great presidential candidate. Insider note: Gingrich said the best thing he did this summer was read Rudy Giuliani's book, "Leadership." This makes me want to re-read it and also hope he gets the nod as Rebuilding Czar for the Gulf Coast.

As for our goal get the displaced parents and guardians back together with their kids, well, we wove in seven photos. Please go to www.missingkids.com and find more! Lets hope we have some connections!

Finally, the South is football crazy and that's not the Sports Guy talking, it's just a fact. From high school, to the college game, to the NFL, they need to see football in and around the Gulf. So, note to the NFL: Let the New Orleans Saints stay in the region and stop making their home games away games like they are doing in Week No. 2. Get the kids back on the gridiron somewhere — anywhere — and the morale of the region will really rise.

As I have mentioned, I am disappointed with my favorite sports league — the NFL — for booking and not canceling Green Day, The Rolling Stones and Kanye West for their Kick Off Concert. Those artists have stated their anti-American, anti-Bush administration views and I just do not think that politics belong in football. Go to www.briankilmeade.com and take part in my poll question on this topic. Also feel free to order my book, "The Games Do Count" and get it personalized on the same site.

Have a great weekend and thanks for keeping us No. 1!


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