Unlikely Beauty Secrets From Prison Women

These ladies don’t need Paris Hilton’s makeup artist. Even though the female inmates in the Charlotte County Jail aren’t allowed to have makeup, they have found a way to beat the system with what they call “fake-up.” These women use Skittles candy, Crystal Light and instant coffee to highlight their eyes, lips and cheeks. They say they don’t use the “fake-up” everyday…just when they want to feel pretty. Maybe Paris will quickly learn this behind-bars beauty secret.

Toilet water cleaner than the drinking fountains? Yes, according to a student’s test in North Bend, Oregon. Kyleray Katherman wanted to challenge a ban on students bringing bottled water to class, so he conducted a test by swabbing the spigots from four drinking fountains and one from the toilet. The shocking results were that the toilet water was actually cleaner! The school board has replaced the spigots, but the ban on bottled water remains.

Have you ever bought anything on eBay? How about buying a day with a world leader? Well, now you can. Two Australian leaders, Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd, have agreed to be listed on eBay in the name of charity, with bids starting at $2,999. One winner and a friend will join Mr. Howard at the PM’s XI cricket match, as well as a reception. Another winner will be invited to bring six friends to dinner with Mr. Rudd.

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