United We Stand

If we were attacked again — suddenly, seriously, maybe even hugely — would we complain so much?

Would we be so worked up over some time-honored silly Senate traditions like the filibuster? (search) I doubt it.

Would we mind the extra frisking on airport security lines? I doubt it.

Would we mind machines that could see us in our birthday suits? I doubt it.

If we were attacked again by Middle Eastern men, would any of us be offended by a screening process that, yes, maybe targets Middle Eastern men? I doubt it.

Would we bicker over individual rights or just individual life?

Would we stop pussyfooting over what evil is and just target where evil lives?

Would we wise up and stop putting this country down?

Would we finally recognize there are those who want to destroy us, so maybe we should stop destroying ourselves?

Would we see there is much that divides us but much more that unites us?

Sometimes I think the wonder isn't in why terrorists (search) haven't struck here in so long. Looking at us pounding ourselves, I wonder whether that hasn't been their plan all along.

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