The fate of Iraq, and possibly the entire Middle East, hung in the balance Monday morning as the Security Council awaited the latest progress report by U.N. weapons inspectors.

U.N. officials told reporters that Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei, the heads of the inspection teams, would be tough on Iraq's compliance over the past two months, but would not be able to confirm the Bush administration's claims that Saddam Hussein is rebuilding his weapons of mass destruction.

United Nations' decision: What's your report?

A sample of your responses:

Saddam wants to delay military action until it is too hot for vour troops to operate while wearing their bio/chem protective clothing. Then he will show us how many people he can kill with his 30,000 bio/chem warheads in troop concentrations, Kuwait and Israel. So the French, Germans and UN are trying to help him defeat us if we go too late. So we delay one year, two years?  How many did it take Hitler to get a real advantage?
Lee H.
Corpus Christi, TX

The UN is clearly playing the oldest bureaucratic game in the world. Only point out all the possible disadvantages in any new iniative. Then, when someone else does make the decision, reluctantly acquiesce, wringing your hands and shaking your head. That way, if it fails you can say: "I said so!" and if it works: "I was only trying to be helpful". It's called being firmly on both sides of the fence.
Larry W.
Winchester, VA

I believe that most people are forgetting about the last 12 years that UN has been sanctioning Iraq and trying to inspect for hidden weapons, all the while Iraqi soldiers were shooting at our planes enforcing the no fly zone.  Nothing is going to change in that country.  As much as I hate to see our country preparing for war (I do not want to see my husband go) I do not see many other options.  Blix is not going to say anything that the politics of his region frowns upon and the heads of France and Germany are going to blow hot air and bluster all the while because they resent our nation for imagined wrongs in the past. Make the UN Nations start flying their own sorties enforcing the no fly zones and pay out the heavy burden that is always heaped on the US when it comes to enforcing these sanctions and let's see if the story and rhetoric changes.
Hanscom, AFB MA

We've never seen the inspectors go underground once and everybody knows that in a sandy Iraq, that's the first place to hide things.  It's been suggested that huge undergrown rooms are under the palaces.  But those have not been visited by inspectors.  Can't believe any inspector report.
Ed W.
Orlando, FL

I believe the time is now, before all Iraq's knowledge of weapons of mass distraction goes up on the auction block...
Steve J.
Thron Hill, TN

I feel that we ought to give the inspections more time. Military planners have -- as you might expect - an excellent handle on the time frame need to provisde us with favorable battle conditions. Allow the inspections to continue to that point. During this extended time... also press the inspectors to continue to press Iraq to facilitate their efforts ... thus getting them on the record with what they will do to help. If memory serves, even the claims of additional cooperation that would be given to the UN by Iraq... has been proven to be additional lies... HAMMER that point home ... in other words ... within an allowable additional time frame... Give Iraq additional rope with which to hang themselves in the eyes of the rest of the world.
Dale C.

We should bring all our service men/women home. Let Sadaam do his thing on one of his neighbors and they will be crying for the United State to help them, before pull troops, let it be known we will protect Israel.
Gene H.

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