Union Officials: Supervisor Told Workers to Use Urinal Bags to Cut Down on Bathroom Breaks

Union officials claims that a phone company supervisor told workers to use disposable urinal bags in the field to avoid wasting time with bathroom breaks.

The Qwest supervisor handed out disposable urinal bags to about 25 male field technicians so they wouldn't leave the job site to find a public bathroom, according to a Rocky Mountain News report.

"We deal with a lot of silliness in corporate America, but you've got to admit, it takes the freakin' cake," Reed Roberts, a spokesman for the Communications Workers of America, told the Rocky Mountain News.

The supervisor's company says there is no policy that requires workers to use the bags.

"They are there for convenience, and they are there because employees asked for them," Jennifer Barton, a spokeswoman for Qwest, told the Rocky Mountain News.

Qwest and other companies with workers in the field offers portable urinal bags to workers. One of the bags is called "Brief Relief," by San Diego-based American Innotek.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency ordered 2.5 million bags after Hurricane Katrina, said Ryan Hiott, a regional director for Innotek.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.