Unfaithful, Tommy Lee, Rosie O'Donnell and 24 in The Foxlight.

If you think the love scenes in Unfaithful are hot, you should see what was left on the cutting room floor. Diane Lane says you're only seeing the "tame version" of the love scenes between her and Olivier Martinez. Director Adrian Lyne asked Lane and Martinez to go "well beyond their comfort level" in filming the scenes. Lane says she trusted Lyne not to show more than he had to.

We've already seen how he behaves around the house or should I say houseboat with his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson. So why not Tommy Lee's own MTV series like The Osbournes? He wants to call it Never A Dull Moment, which is also the name of his new album. Lee says instead of being in a house, it will follow him wherever he goes. He says that includes on the road, the hotel, the bus, the massage parlor, wherever he goes.

Finally, even though Rosie's last day was Wednesday, she pre-taped enough shows to last you until the end of June. Won't miss her.

But how great was the 24 season finale? Can't wait for the next day next season.