Chris Brown has withdrawn his name from Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards ballot.

As FOXNews.com first reported, an online petition had been circulated to take his name off the ballot, but Nickelodeon was resisting the move.

On Wednesday, Brown, 19, decided to take matters into his own hands. In a statement, his reps said while Brown would like to speak directly to his fans, he can't because of his criminal case.

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Brown had been nominated for favorite male singer and favorite song for "Kiss Kiss" at the March 28 awards show.

Last week, a group called Twittermoms created an online petition protesting Chris Brown's nominations. On Monday morning, when FOXNews.com first reported the petition, it had 74 signatures. On Wednesday afternoon, it had over 11,000 signatures.

LINK: Click here to see the online petition.

Last Thursday, Brown encouraged young fans to vote for him for the Kids' Choice Awards on the same day that he appeared in front of a California Superior Court facing two felony counts for his alleged attack on girlfriend Rihanna, 21.

“Hey fans,” the post read. “Vote for Chris on the Kids Choice Awards 2009 link provided below … Thank you for your support.”

LINK: Click here to read Chris Brown's MySpace post.

To many critics, Brown’s blog post was an indication that the star may not fully understand the severity of the charges he is facing, or that he simply doesn’t care.

And while Brown had already lost several endorsements, Nickelodeon, a network dedicated to children’s entertainment, had decided so far to keep Brown on the ballot.

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Nickelodeon said in a statement that, instead of removing Brown's name, "the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category."

With Brown's withdrawal, that is no longer the case.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.