More than half of British women think some rape victims are to blame for what happens to them.

The Wake Up to Rape report showed that 54 percent of women thought rape victims should be held accountable for their role in the crime, according to The Sun.

More than 1000 women in London aged 18 to 50 were asked their views of rape to mark the 10th anniversary of London's sexual assault referral center, The Haven.

Nearly a fifth of females said the victim should accept partial responsibility if they went back to their attacker's house.

And one in eight thought a victim who danced in a provocative manner on a night out was also to blame for any consequences.

Experts said the results demonstrated a blame culture among women, which could have a serious impact on the confidence of rape victims when admitting what happened to them.

Haven manager Elizabeth Harrison said such thinking was "ridiculous".

"The responsibility for rape always lies with the man who's doing it, not with the woman and the way she's been behaving," she said.

One in five of the women surveyed also said they would not report a rape to police, with 53 percent saying it was because of shame or embarrassment.

A quarter said they would remain silent in case their families found out.

It was estimated that 95 percent of rape cases in the U.K. went unreported, and even then the conviction rate was extremely low.

The Haven, which helps victims recover from sexual assaults, has aided more than 20,000 people since it started in 2000.

Source Link: The Sun