Investors added a net $1.44 billion to U.S. stock mutual funds in the week ended Wednesday, according to AMG Data Services (search).

The Arcata, Calif., company reported on Thursday that 46 percent of the money went to funds with U.S. companies, while $503 million went to international funds. Emerging markets funds received $123 million, the largest amount to that category since April 7, AMG pointed out.

Large emerging markets equity inflows went to iShares MSCI funds (search), including $150 million to the emerging market index fund and $20 million to the Mexico index fund, and the Matthews Korea (search) gained $18.6 million. However, the iShares MSCI South Korea fund reported outflows of $24.1 million.

Taxable bond funds reported net cash inflows of $47 million, with $154 million going to investment-grade corporate bond funds, $122 million to international and global debt funds and $89 million to flexible funds.

Outflows were reported in government bond funds, with investors pulling $270 million from treasuries and mortgages, $146 million from the iShares Lehman 20-plus year Treasury bond fund and $57 million from the iShares Lehman seven- to 10-year Treasury bond fund.

High-yield corporate bond funds reported net cash outflows of $60 million, and municipal bond funds reported net cash outflows of $536 million.

Money market funds reported inflows of $14.9 billion.