U.S. Forces Raid Afghan Drug Compound With Ties to Taliban

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EXCLUSIVE: FOX News has obtained new footage of a Drug Enforcement Adminstration Special Operations Raid on a drug compound in Afghanistan.

The money made from opium sales has proven ties to funding the Taliban. Oliver North, retired United States Marine Colonel and FOX News host, is traveling with members of the United States Military as they conduct the drug raids in Kandahar.

"It was a remarkable example of how quickly you can exploit really good intelligence," Col. North told FOX News from Kabul.

The raid was conducted to "separate the Taliban from a source of financial support, the opium trade," North said.

U.S. Military forces are "going into the Taliban strongholds. What you're now seeing is taking the fight to the Taliban," North told FOX News.

The efforts in Afghanistan are being carried out at the same time that Pakistani forces are fighting to crush the Taliban in Pakistan's Waziristan region and tribal areas.

"The big challenge continues to be training sufficient numbers of Afghans to take responsibility for their own future."