U.N. Deadline Day: Breakthrough or Breakdown?

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The United Nations' "moment of truth" has arrived.

President Bush used that phrase to describe Monday's closed, informal Security Council meeting, which is expected to once again tackle the resolution authorizing war against Iraq.

"We hope tomorrow the U.N. will do its job," the president said Sunday at a news conference in the Azores, where he and the leaders of Britain, Spain and Portugal met. "Tomorrow is a moment of truth for the world."

U.N. deadline day: Breakthrough or breakdown?

A sample of your responses:

I think it has already been a breakdown. To add to that, I think this is also going to make a strong point to North Korea and Iran, in regards to who they are dealing with! Meaning we aren't going to take any of their "Parading of Nuclear/Biological Programs", no matter if the U.N. is behind us or not.
Baltimore, MD

I believe there will be a breakdown today in the U.N. Security Counsel today. The United States will lead the war in Iraq and the French will continue to play games with us until WMD's are found. What if the parts used to build the WMD were found to be provided by the French and German's what will the United States do to those countries if this is true?
Mark W.
Rockford, IL

Breakdown without a doubt. When will the UN lovers figure out the UN is the greatest threat to our peace and security. They do not have the US' best interest in mind only their own humanist agenda. I love America and support our President and troops. God Bless America!!!

In 1991 we followed the UN mandate to evict Saddam out of Kuwait. Part of the agreement to end that conflict was for him to disarm. It is 12 years later, he still has not disarmed, he is still a threat to the world and the time is NOW to finish what should have been accomplished long ago the disarming of Iraq. 

Now the world knows we mean what we say, the war will begin. It is such a pity that the UN has become such an emasculated entity.  Thank God we have a President that has the guts and courage to not only talk the talk, but  definitely knows how to "walk the walk"
Boynton Beach, FL

The U.S. does not have to answer to any one. We have been saving others from other dictators for centuries. Especially, France in WW1 and WW2. And this is the way they treat us, by tying our hands. There is a old saying, 'Lead, follow, or get out the way.' Now is the time for the U.S. to do what it has to protect itself and its citizens. So the United Nations will break down and The U.S. will break through to be the super power that it is. If they we are war mongers why are others coming here for a better life. we must be doing something right.
Frank L.

Breakthrough! If France says they won't stand in our way then they must abstain on any vote.
Lew M.
Hubert, NC

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