If you'll just indulge me one last United Nations (search) rant, I have an assignment for you. Don't worry, it's not too difficult.

I want you to watch Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's (search) address to the U.N. It's scheduled to happen during my show Friday, so grab a yodel — while you can, by the way — and park yourself in front of the television.

Now, I want you not so much to pay attention to Allawi, but to the delegates and diplomats in the audience watching Allawi.

Watch for yawns. Watch for wandering eyes. Watch for guys playing tic-tac-toe. Because I have a couple of hunches. If these guys are as rude and clueless as I think they are, they'll be rude and clueless listening.

Then, I want you to ask yourself these questions of these folks.

You seem so bored, but aren't you the same guys who were so passionate about helping starving Iraqis?

Oh, and exactly whatever happened to all those billions of U.N. dollars meant to feed those starving Iraqis? Back then you wanted to save them, now you couldn't seem to care less about them?

You condoned a tyrant who was butchering them and even channeled business to the tyrant "as" he was butchering them. But not once, did you lift a finger to help them.

So you drafted stern resolutions, but showed no stern resolve. Your words were as hollow as your faces clueless.

Some countries had the guts to see past your gutlessness and did something. They gave the ultimate service, while you gave lip service.

Now you snicker in your seats and doodle on your pads. You expend more energy rolling your eyes, than wrestling with your conscience.

It seems appropriate you should be bored. It seems inappropriate we viewers should care.

That's why Friday, at least, I want us to care and watch — closely.

For the sake of the man who's trying to help those people, in front of the same snickering bastards who only ended up ignoring them.

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