U.K. Transvestite's Friend Uses Ladder to Scale Prison Wall, Deliver Women's Clothes

A jail was broken into to supply a transvestite with women’s clothes, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Officers found knickers, ball gowns and denim skirts in a burglary convict’s cell, along with drugs and mobile phones.

An accomplice on the outside used a ladder to scale the 20-foot perimeter wall, making regular break-ins. The hauls were sold to fellow cons at $1,174 a time – but the contraband was found last Friday after officers were tipped off.

A source at Everthorpe Prison said: “Officers couldn’t believe their eyes when they found all this women’s clothing – including ball gowns obviously smuggled to order.

“The racket is believed to have been going for six months.” Another insider at the 690-inmate jail in Brough, East Yorks, said: “The accomplice would climb the perimeter wall on a ladder and pull it over to use to climb down.

“He’d walk across the yard with the ladder, use it to bridge gaps, then climb up to the cell window.

“The bars had been pulled apart with a crowbar and some sort of dummy grille had been inserted which could be easily removed.

"There was meant to be CCTV covering all this but it was either in a blackspot or disabled. This has been urgently rectified.”

Prison governor Gary Monaghan said: “As a result of intelligence relating to the smuggling of drugs and other contraband, staff at Everthorpe initiated a dynamic investigation which led to the identification of the prisoner involved.

“We are working closely with the police to identify those in the community involved in this crime.

“The Prison Service will seek the conviction of any individual attempting to smuggle banned items into prison.”

Inmate Hayes Arnott, 35, serving three years nine months for burglary, was accused of being the mastermind and has been moved to a tougher category B jail.