Parents spotted drinking alcohol in their cars as they dropped off and picked up their children at school have prompted one town in England to consider banning drinking on the streets, according to BBC News.

The ban is part of an effort to curb parents’ alcohol consumption outside of Doncaster Road Primary School in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Teachers say the parents’ actions are making it difficult for teachers to properly educate the students, aged 5 to 10, about the hazards of alcohol, BBC News reported.

School officials will meet with police this week to discuss the ban.

If implemented, police will confiscate any alcohol consumed near school grounds, and offenders could face fines up to $792.

"In my view [drinking near schools is] clearly not acceptable. It's not acceptable in a modern society and we will put a stop to it," said Barnsley Inspector Mark Spooner, according to BBC News.

Last week the city of Nottingham became the first town in the United Kingdom to ban drinking in public altogether.

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