It's every city dweller's worst fear: rodents on crack.

Squirrels in Brixton, South London, have been observed behaving bizarrely — and authorities there believe it may be because they're hooked on crack cocaine hidden by addicts, according to the London Sun.

A recent crackdown by cops on dealers and addicts is thought to have inspired users to start hiding their stashes in the ground — which the squirrels are digging up.

"My neighbor said dealers had used my garden to hide crack," one Brixton resident told the Sun.

"Just an hour earlier I'd seen a squirrel digging in the flower-beds," the resident told the paper. "It was ill-looking and its eyes looked bloodshot, but it kept on desperately digging. It seems a strange thing to say, but it seemed to know what it was looking for."

So-called "crack squirrels" are already acknowledged as a problem in American cities such as Washington, D.C., and New York.

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Elderly Driver Smashes Into Burger King, Orders Breakfast

A man ran his car into the front entry of a Wausau, Wis., Burger King and then backed away, parked and went in for breakfast, according to the Wausau Daily Herald.

Police Patrol Inspector Bryan Hilts told The Associated Press that 78-year-old Rouland Steppert's car struck the glass entryway of the downtown fast-food restaurant on Friday.

Steppert backed up, parked and went inside — Burger King employees served him his food and cops summoned to the scene found him eating at a table inside.

Since the accident was on private property, Steppert was not cited.

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Man: Docs Took My Good Testicle

A Utah man says that doctors at St. Mark's Hospital in Millcreek removed the wrong testicle during a procedure in June 2003, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Johnny Gibson had been experiencing persistent pain in his left testicle — and filed a lawsuit against the surgical team in 3rd District Court this week claiming they took the wrong one.

George Waddoups, Gibson's lawyer in the suit, says Gibson asked the surgical team to mark the left testicle before surgery to prevent exactly that from occurring.

"He asked people on the team to mark him, and they told him they didn't need to do that," Waddoups told the Tribune. "This has caused a lot of embarrassment, and he's had other complications that have developed. He still has pain."

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British Police Dog Fired for Being Lazy

ROTHERHAM, England (AP) — Buster the German Shepherd could have had a great career as a police dog had it not been for one flaw: His utter lack of interest in fighting crime.

The canine cop took early retirement after bosses at South Yorkshire Police noted his poor motivation — and a fondness for making friends with rowdy drunkards, his former handler said Monday.

Buster, who spent some six months on the beat, has been placed with a family in Sheffield, near this town in northern England, Police Constable David Stephenson said.

"He has a lack of drive and motivation when asked to do operational work," Stephenson told The Associated Press. "He's just a lovely pet."

Two-year-old Buster performed well at the start of his 14-week training program, but his work gradually deteriorated and the problem worsened once he started patrolling the streets, he said.

On one occasion, Buster walked straight past a suspected criminal hiding in the garden of a house late at night.

"I searched the garden myself and found the bloke. The dog had walked past the spot where I found him," Stephenson said. "You would have expected him to use his nose to locate him."

When patrolling Rotherham at pub closing times — when the streets are often crowded with drunken revelers — Buster wagged his tail when people came up to him and ate their fries, instead of deterring potential troublemakers.

"He just showed no interest in doing the job," Stephenson added. "He had no fire in his belly."

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Stewardess Phones in Threat to Get Day Off

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — A SriLankan Airlines stewardess called in a bomb threat because she wanted a day off, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Investigators traced the call and found that it was made from a mobile phone belonging to the stewardess' boyfriend, Colombo's Sunday Times weekly reported.

"The inquiry reveals that the stewardess had given the false alarm because she did not want to fly that day," it said.

The stewardess was fired, it reported.

SriLankan Airlines spokeswoman Ruvini Jayasinghe declined to either confirm or deny the report and referred the call to senior officials, who were not immediately reachable.

In recent months, two bomb threats forced aircraft to return to the ground in Sri Lanka.

On Oct. 3, a London-bound SriLankan Airlines plane returned to Colombo's international airport after a telephone caller said there was a bomb on board. The aircraft landed safely and no explosives were found.

On Sept. 8, one passenger was killed and 20 others were injured in a stampede to evacuate a Saudi Air plane at the same airport after a similar bomb threat.

SriLankan Airlines is 40 percent owned by Dubai-based Emirates Airlines and 60 percent by Sri Lanka's government.

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Worker Stabbed in Microwave Dispute

TAMARAC, Fla. (AP) — Things got very ugly at a Walgreens when police said one employee stabbed a co-worker over who could microwave her soup first.

Both women wanted to use the microwave in the employee break room Wednesday afternoon, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

While they were fighting over who could use the microwave first, Mellesia Grant grabbed a large kitchen knife off the counter and stabbed Merloze Tilme in the abdomen, the sheriff's office said.

"They didn't get along to begin with. Who could use the microwave first became a major issue," Broward County Sheriff's Office spokesman Jim Leljedal said.

The two women then wrestled for the knife, each cutting their hands, before the store manager could stop the fight, Leljedal said.

Tilme, 20, was hospitalized in good condition, officials said.

Grant, 23, of North Lauderdale, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after being treated at a hospital for her wounds, officials said.

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