A U.K. man has been jailed for three years for killing his wife by throwing a television remote control at her head, Sky News reported.

Paul Harvey, 46, killed Gloria Laguna by a fluke chance after the remote struck her on a weak artery near her neck.

The 48-year-old died from a massive brain hemorrhage as Harvey tried to give her the kiss of life.

Harvey, an electrical engineer of Euston, central London, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in March.

The couple had been arguing when Harvey lost his temper at his wife, a former American diplomat in India.

Defense attorney Jonathan Goldberg told the court the couple had intended to go to church but stayed home to watch television instead.

An argument started about maintenance which Harvey was paying to a stepdaughter from a previous marriage.

"All he did was throw the remote control in her direction," said Goldberg.

"By a fluke chance, maybe the same as, in a different context, winning the lottery, it landed on the exact spot where she had a weakness."

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