Two Years and Counting...

I want you to think about two words: two years.

That's about how much time President Bush has in office.

Two years. It's a long time. But to most in the media, it's a waste of time.

Too little to get too much done — so he's done.

I don't know about you, but two years is a pretty long time to me.

That's about two-thirds of JFK's entire presidency.

That's two Thanksgivings. Two Christmases. Two New Years.

Two years from now we'll be two years older than we are now.

A lot can happen in that time.

Look what's happened in the last two years.

Two years ago Pope John Paul II was alive.

So was Terri Schiavo — remember her?

So was Peter Jennings, Johnny Carson, Arthur Miller, Richard Pryor and William Rehnquist.

Two years ago, they were all still breathing.

As was Saddam Hussein, his trial was still nearly a year away.

Two years ago "Brokeback Mountain" was the rage. And Rosie O'Donnell wasn't on "The View."

Katie was still at NBC and Dan was still at CBS.

A lot's happened in two years. Kind of makes you wonder about the "next" two years.

And the people who say "nothing" can much happen. And nothing can get much done.

Oh, if only they read their old headlines. Or read anything... at all.

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