Two Views on the Road to Recovery

America, let's be honest: Isn't there a part of you that would much rather be talking about "American Idol," "24," baseball or cheesecake — anything else besides this what we talk about every night? But we've got Marxist revolutionaries fundamentally transforming and attacking the republic and moving us towards a global community.

I hope and pray that I'm completely wrong, but if I am, it's the most extravagant case of bad luck circumstances in the history of mankind. You have two options right now and you have to decide which one you believe — because both of them can't be right or even partially right. And only one of them can be clandestine, dangerous and radical.

Scenario Number One: America and the world are on the road to recovery! And spending trillions of dollars we don't have and more taxes is the way out of it

Scenario Number Two: We aren't on the road to recovery. There is real, grave economic trouble ahead and radicals are looking to take advantage of (and even cause) economic collapse

I believe the latter is true. Have you noticed that the media and the tweets and the bloggers never take apart the facts our program present? They usually only call names. That is perhaps because if you see how right we've been on a few things, you'd have to consider that what I'm suggesting to fix our country is not radical, hateful or racist. They are the principles and the values we know to be true:





Hard work


So, here's your choice:

Thrift vs. spend

Humility vs. arrogance

Charity vs. redistribution of wealth

Moderation vs. excess

Hard work vs. entitlement

Honor vs. corruption

If you haven't yet decided which scenario is true and who is telling you the truth, let me give you the two sides. On one side you have this guy:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: This morning we received additional signs that the worst might be behind us —


Everything's peachy. Or you have what we've been telling you:


GLENN BECK RADIO PROGRAM, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007: Punish these businesses through the economy, not through government but through the economy, let these businesses fail and entrepreneurs will step to the plate. And we're going to have a tough few years here, but we're going to get back together and we'll be stronger because of it. That's the American way to do it. But she's not going to do that. If, God forbid, something happens, it's just going to have a massive program after massive program. But by the time this election rolls around a year from now, we will be in recession. This economy is going to start slowing down and start coming down.


When I made that prediction, the Dow was just over 13,000 — a year later, it closed at 8,451. I also warned about the massive big government programs coming:


GLENN BECK RADIO PROGRAM, JANUARY 16, 2008: They are all going to start talking about things like that. Well, why don't we just make housing a universal right? Soviet Union did it. Well, they can't afford their health care. Well, why don't we just make health care a universal right? Why don't we just make food a universal right? Why don't we just start nationalizing some companies? I'm telling you, gang, if the economy gets bad enough and the wrong people are in, those are the kinds of policies that will be coming our way.


Just about a year later, Obama signed his $789 billion stimulus package and this past March, Obama signed his health care reform bill into law. Here's one more:


GLENN BECK RADIO PROGRAM, JULY 26, 2007: I'm telling you, I really, truly believe we're going to have universal health care and I don't think you're going to be able to do anything to stop it and here's why. You've got these giant global corporations that are so in debt from, you know, their promises they made for the unions. You know, the autoworkers just, my gosh, $100 billion in unfunded promises on taking care — people retiring to 55 and living until 80 or 90. How are you going to pay for that? You can't. The auto industry in America, let's be honest, it's not going to be able — it will collapse.


Two years later, General Motors filed for bankruptcy — a move once viewed as unthinkable.

Now here's the latest news on this — and tell me if you've heard this on another network or from the administration or if you've only heard it here on this program: The euro is collapsing. Investors are abandoning the euro.

Both France and Germany have reportedly threatened to pull out of the euro if no solutions to the crisis are found

The president of the European Central Bank warned that Europe was facing "severe tensions" and that the markets were "fragile"

Obama adviser Paul Volcker warned of the "potential disintegration" of the euro and he added: "Clearly, I think we have to say that the euro failed and fell into a trap that was evident at the beginning."

What happens if the euro folds? Bond values of the weaker European nations (Spain, Greece, Portugal) will plummet; financial institutions will take a bath and it will ripple through the global market. France and Germany will be affected heavily because they hold vast amounts of bonds from Spain, Greece and Portugal. And America is deeply intertwined with the banking institutions of France and Germany.

Why do you think Obama was on the phone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Out of sheer love for Germans and Greeks? Because it matters to us as well. So you've got massive trouble to the global economy coming. This doesn't just stop at Greece. We're on our way there; Arnold Schwarzenegger came out and said California's situation is just like Greece.

We've got SEIU intimidating bank executives by showing up at their homes and on their private property and Citigroup's top economist says that "the public finances in the majority of advanced industrial countries are in a worse state today than at any time since the industrial revolution."

Merkel said over the weekend that with the rescue package "we have done nothing more than to buy time until we have brought order to these competitive differences and to the budget deficits of individual euro countries."

Buying time for what, exactly?

The worst is not behind us. This is a trillion-dollar stall tactic.

It'd be like if your car broke down and it would cost double the value of the car to save it. Would you do it? Of course not. Unless, the dealer promised you a trade in a few weeks down the road. That's what they are doing — except they haven't told you what the trade in will be. I'll spare you the suspense: It's going to be a Yugo. A global socialist vehicle that's nothing like what we have. It's coming and quickly.

America, by my count, this is your third warning. That people are buying time to prepare. Are you preparing? Because it's going to come down to these two choices: Who do you believe? As John Nicols, co-founder of the radical Marxist group Free Press said: "Hungry people fighting over food don't usually make real sound decisions."

So you have to make yours now. Do you know enough to be able to defend liberty? Are you strong enough? You are the last line of defense.

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