Two Talking Points Memos

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly.  Thank you for watching us tonight.

Two Talking Points Memos this evening.  We'll keep them pithy.  One now, the other in a few moments.

A couple of months ago, I opined that Israel should pull back its forces after invading and destroying a number of Palestinian cities.  My thinking was that an Israeli withdrawal might give peace talks a chance to get under way.  When Ehud Barak appeared on The Factor, I suggested to him that if the bombings continued, Israel could go right back in.

Well, the homicide bombings have continued, and the situation is now totally out of control.  Arafat can't handle Hamas and other killers, and civilians are laying dead in the streets.

So now Israel should take any and all measures to kill the terrorists.  Whatever the Sharon government deems appropriate should be done.  No cause, no injustice can justify bombing attacks on buses and restaurants where children are.  That is simply unacceptable in the name of any movement.

Foolish people who justify such murder will always point to atrocities on the other side.  Al Qaeda does that.  Those terrorists believe they can kill American civilians because we support Israel, and on and on.

But those arguments can only persuade sick minds.  The truth is that some Palestinian terrorist groups want to destroy Israel and will not negotiate.  Those people must be killed, and America should support Israel in its quest to eliminate the terrorist leadership.

Enough is enough.  All decent human beings must act against the growing terror that threatens this world.  Excuses for the murder of innocent civilians must be condemned.

And that is The Memo.

Talking Points Memo #2

In the Factor Follow-Up segment tonight, continuing chaos on the border.  A brief Talking Points...

Last night, we told you that American taxpayers are forking out $24 billion every year to pay for health benefits and other subsidies for illegal immigrants.  And now there is legislation in Congress that would mandate the federal government pay all expenses for illegals, including such procedures as kidney dialysis.  The bill is sponsored by Senators John McCain of Arizona, a Republican, and Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, a Democrat.

And get this, the reason for the subsidies, according to the senators, is that because the federal government did not prevented the -- did not prevent the undocumented aliens from coming here in the first place, we owe it to them to pay their medical expenses.  Can you believe it?

Now, we called the senators, and Bingaman flat-out refused to talk with us.  That's nice, senator.  Introduce controversial legislation, then duck tough questioning about it, very admirable.  We do expect to hear from Senator McCain, because he has been a stand-up guy in the past.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

The W hotel chain is sponsoring a survey on men's underwear, and somehow your humble correspondent got dragged into this.  On the Fox and Friends broadcast, the underwear question was discussed in great detail and illustrated by models who are obviously holding up a picture of me.  The show's anchors [Steve] Doocey, [Brian] Kilmeade and [Juliet] Huddy all had a number of laughs at my expense.  And I am now suing!  As for my is contained in a bottom drawer.  It is made in America.  And it is very boring.  Ridiculous?  Can underwear be ridiculous?  Only if it's a thong... And mine isn't.

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