When's the last time you saw media coverage of a rally for war against Saddam?

I'll save you the trouble: next to never. And that despite 10,000 gathering in Cleveland this past weekend, another 10,000 marching in Houston and thousands more in places like Nashville and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Patriotic Americans all, who said simply war isn't good, but ignoring Iraq is worse.

What I want to know is, save FOX, where was the coverage of these rallies? Where were the networks? Again, I'll save you the trouble: nowhere.

It wasn't worth their time, I guess.

But I will bet you this: Two guys with a placard and a bullhorn protesting war -- that they'd cover in a nanosecond!

All I'm saying is let's be fair. And let's be real.

Cover the protesters. Cover the protesters protesting the protesters. That's all.

I'm not asking my colleagues to do the impossible. I'm just asking my colleagues to do their job.

There are those out there who don't trust the United Nations. Cover them.

There are those who don't flip over France. Hear them.

And there are those who know a thing or two about despots and what they can do. Talk to them.

They're not all nuts. Come on out of your ivory towers and chat with them. You might learn a thing or two.

Get over your biases. But first, get over yourselves.

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